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Annie Coetzee is a Professional Public Speaker, Author and Corporate Trainer in the field of Human Empowerment. Her interest in Holistic Wellness and Creative Energy in the Workplace, has created an indispensable role for her , especially in the Empowerment of Women in the stressfull Working Environment today.

Annie is fascinated by the current research and development about the role of the Human Heart and its connection with the Brain and Body.

This fascination has led her down many roads in her desire to ‘run with the truth’ in a world where leadership and management styles keep trying to disconnect emotions from intellect and body wisdom.

On this journey, Annie wove together three areas of Performance Management, namely Change Navigation, Total Well-Being and Creative Problem Solving.

She is able to draw from these areas of expertise as she works with her latest passion: ‘Helping People to discover True Brilliance in Life and Business’.

Her studies on the Human Heart, the Brain and Body Wisdom has convinced her that all of us, whether in our Personal lives, or Business lives, need the Heart to be central to everything we say and do.

From Teacher in Music and English, to Lecturer in Psychology, to Researcher in Human Development, Annie started her Speaking and Training Career 19 years ago in the Public and Corporate Arena.

Her in-House Workshops and Motivational Speaking Assignments include the stories of so many real people who experienced transformational change in their longing to live a fulfilled, destined and healthy life.

Annie firmly believes that living an abundant, happy and successful life, includes a healthy mind and spirit.

A Few ‘Firsts’ in South Africa for Annie:

  • Developed the first ‘Over 40 WELLNESS and Longevity Program’ – including all 11 Intelligences;
  • Wrote the first book on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in 1998
  • Developed the first ‘Self-Empowerment for Beginners in the Working World’ Program –  A Sound and Creative Bridging Course for young and new Employees
  • Is one of the first Authors to bring ‘Psychology on the Air’ in 1991
  • Her Book, ‘Are you Connected?’ is the 1st Self-Empowerment Book that places the HEART as central to Human Development.
  • Combined Health and Fitness with ‘Matters of the Heart’.
  • Is a Founder Member of The Creativity Foundation of South Africa, which is recognized as one of the strongest Creativity Foundations in the World.
  • Was rewarded for exceptional contributions in promoting Beyonder Creativity throughout the world, with The 2013 BEYONDER Award by Kobus Neethling, President of The Creativity Foundation of South Africa.
  • She is recognized as ‘One of AFRICA’s most Influential Women in Business and Life Performance’ by Titans and CEO Magazines

As a Corporate Trainer, Annie experienced the frustration of watching people enjoy their training sessions, and then apply very little of what they have learned.

She therefore changed her writing style of Self-Empowerment Books, and started to write in a conversational style – asking the reader questions, instead of providing him and her with solutions.

This has secured more steadfast change in the lives of readers and inspired them to discover answers, within themselves!

Her writing helped improve both her Speaking and Training and she hopes to increase Consciousness and Self-Mastery on a level, where people explore how the heart thinks, feels, remembers, loves and hates – and how it communicates information and memory, stored throughout its life, to every cell in the body.

Annie is now making these Courses available to younger Trainers and will offer assistance with any “Train the Trainer’ when necessary. Content will directly be sold to the new Buyer to use whenever and wherever it is needed.

She is not going to train these subjects anymore, as her new, inspired focus has turned more to Wellness and Longevity. Contact het Office if you have questions about this.


Team Development

All organizations need regular team development activities. Emotional issues such as lack of trust and commitment, unresolved conflicts and the inability to understand others can stop even the most promising teams from delivering results. My Team Development Workshops consist of short, powerful, proven exercises that can help you and your team to become an ‘Environment of Trust Builders’.


Change Navigation

Organizations need serious, yet creative assistance to manage CHANGE in their journey into a more successful future. They need tools. They need the right insight to understand the psychology of change: that it involves organizational change, as well as people change. And THIS is not a ‘game’ – However, our training provides pleasant and learning-filled activities and content for every employee to become the change they want to experience in the organization.


Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving is not only necessary to a company’s success, it is vital. Effective workshops are designed to help employees recognize and acknowledge problems as challenges to be solved. I use the NBI Brain Tools to help create ‘Whole Brain Groups’ and therefore inspire them with a brilliant model that leads them step-by-step to rise above the average, and thrive in the realm of creative solutions.

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