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1 July 2015

Age in Motion refers to an unending journey of youthfulness and mobility. It also refers to you, holding on to your dreams and goals and reaching them, as the years go by!

That’s why I have to talk about your belief system. It probably is the most important part of you ageing well and wonderful, and YOUTHFULLY.  Try not be to opinionated now. Try not to ‘lock on’ to former limitations, even if your reasons are extremely true in your own eyes. Rather look forward with me, and discover that there are more effective ways to lock onto your happy and successful future and reach that blissful ‘place’ where you live your dreams.

belief can be defined as repeated thoughts that become accepted by us, as the truth for us. This belief then, determines how we act and how we feel we can live. Other experts have said that a belief is an intellectual and emotional acceptance of an idea, a set of ideas, propositions and even a doctrine.

What I have experienced in my own life, is that nothing, absolutely nothing changes, until I change my belief about the matter at hand. Here is an everyday example: If I believe that it is normal to have a sore back at the end of a rather difficult day, then it will be difficult for me not to have a sore back, because THAT is exactly what I believe! And we all know it, we have to change our belief systems regularly, as we experience new breakthroughs. Influences around us, are strong and mostly negative. Check your own belief system!

An optimist talks about the reality as he and she believes it. An optimist doesn’t talk about the current situations as they are – he and she talks about the success, the health, the goodness and wonderfulness of life, as if it is real.

Our belief systems affect the energy we are emanating into our world, and yes, right there where we make a living.  So I really want to make a strong point of writing something about energy. Our own HUMAN energy.

When we go through stages of not feeling so good, we send out low-frequency vibrations. Low frequency vibrations are every bit as powerful as high frequencies and they will attract unpleasant stuff back to us. Because we live in a world with predominantly low frequency fields of energy, and billions of people who are vibrating more stress and anxiety than you might want to know of, we involuntarily absorb these vibrations and react to them. Especially when we are not vibrating our own high levels of energy.

So I have learned to nurture my own energy and guard it against negative energy, as far as is possible! Verified research on human energy is fascinating. Energy is and will always be part of us, wherever we go. Energy! Energy! Energy!

It moves. It has to move. It is part of the nature of what energy is: It has to move and it moves because it has to create. Relating this to our belief system, it is good advice to ask you to do the following:  Stay in the presence of an angry, resentful and negative person for a while. See how long and to what degree it affects you. And then – accept the fact that you have to get rid of the energy if you find yourself struggling with constructive and creative ideas and beliefs to stay youthful, happy and young in heart!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Stop doing what you are busy with and do sit-ups, push-ups and/or any other kind of indoor activity for a few minutes. While you’re doing this, visualize how the negative energy surrounding you, is leaving you. It’s not difficult, it simply asks for childlike imagination and physical action;
  • Once again, stop doing what you are busy with and listen to music. (CD, MP3, I-pod) As you are listening to the music, actively take your focus off your current moment and project yourself into a quiet space where you are free of the negative energy. Mental pictures are part of creative imaging techniques and are very beneficial in your journey – a journey into the future, staying young in mind, in heart and keeping a flexible body that will take you to wherever you want to be!

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