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12 May 2015

I hope you have enjoyed the exploration of ‘Age in Motion’ thus far! I find it a delight to talk to you about this evergreen topic and trust that you will benefit by the snippets of information.

I mentioned the workshop in Minnesota where Dr Dale talked about ‘Never act your age’ and would like to continue on that trend. One of the most surprising parts of his workshop was a friendly, yet serious suggestion that we must forget our age! I thought about the impact of this, yet until the day I applied this, nothing changed for the better! So I started to think and see myself as someone 15 years younger than my birth age. The changes were almost immediately! I walked differently, talked differently and even responded to life in a younger way. I noticed changes in my flexibility, my body strength, my eye-sight, my brain power and much more!

Do not get me wrong. It is not just a mind game!

It may begin as one, but eventually this way of life becomes more real, and you will feel the difference when you participate in new and challenging tasks. (Example, a walking club, Pilatus class, attending a book club, or simply starting a new social club).

The other suggestions in his teaching include healthy thinking patterns, the role of nutrients, emotions and attitudes, and especially how we should bring more humour into our lives.

As I am a woman who exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, I decided to add something else and something more specific to my own growing older journey. I have passionately added mindful stretching and definite quiet moments of ‘being in my own company’ into my life. This may sound very ordinary but it’s not. People know about it but they don’t do it. They go to the gym and read about meditation, but somehow only a few truly succeed in making this a part of their life style.

I believe that fighting ageing is making you older, faster than flowing with the years and embracing a more peaceful and relaxed way of life.

Many people in our environment experience challenging conditions such as poor relationships with far-away family members, or making new friends, as well as how to fill the day with activities and tasks that make life worth living. For many, the future is uncertain and for many others, the concern of ‘what will my life be like when I reach the ripe old age of ninety’ slowly whittle away their self-esteem, coping levels and ability to control their emotions. The result? We fall ill and the worry of our life begins to show in the face and in the body. We are also more prone to personal problems generally. Combined with the pressures of our particular political climate, crime and lawlessness, stress and worry are reaching epidemic proportions – and it shows in our faces, as well as our bodies.

At the SABC during the WorldCup in 2010

There are ways to age better! Today my most important suggestion to us all personally, is to stop worrying about growing older. Let’s try this way and simply embrace each day as another opportunity to discover more about LIFE and living!




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