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2 June 2015

Interesting thoughts go through my mind these days. I looked at a number of other blogs on Ageing and found several with the word ‘MOTION’ in it – but all of them referred to either exercise only, or growing older in general, and very little to the processes in our minds and hearts (guts) that I believe, are the most important ‘moving’ parts of growing older well and wonderfully.

So I will strengthen my input on the role and value of how we think and how we feel about ageing. Today I am emphasizing the power of the subconscious mind. It is really important to understand how our subconscious mind works.

Basically there are two levels of your mind: the rational (conscious) and the irrational (subconscious). We THINK with our conscious mind, and whatever we habitually think, sinks into the subconscious mind (or sub- level). This then’ creates’ according to the nature of your thoughts. Maybe you also know that the subconscious mind is the seat of your emotions and is very creative. Therefore, if you think wonderful thoughts about your body (for example), wonderful things will happen in your body. The same is true when you think sick thoughts about your body: SICK things will follow! I have witnessed this so many times with older folks.

And then, don’t forget the media’s influence! Winter is hardly around us, and the most colourful posters about ‘The BIG Flu’ are visible in many pharmacies. You may also have friends who influence your subconscious mind. They might not believe what you believe, and voice words and phrases that don’t ‘sit’ with what you believe!

So, here are some practical tips on how to improve the power of your subconscious mind about ageing. Simple is the name of the game!

  • You have the power to choose your thoughts. Choose to think good and healthy and wonderful and wise, about AGEING. Choose to believe that you can be different than all the ‘others’ you know!
  • Protect your subconscious from false impressions. When a certain friend of mine has visited and said things like, ‘But it’s only normal to feel weak at our age’, I have the habit of erasing her words from my mind, the moment she leaves the gate! There are wonderful creative ways to delete negative input! More about that in later blogs!
  • Believe that it is God’s will for you to age well. Believe that you are mainly a spiritual being, and that your subconscious mind can initiate miracles (IN your BODY) that are beyond the logic of Physics.
  • Embrace CHANGE in your life and know, it’s never too late to start or begin a new hobby of habit!

Believe that EVERY day is a NEW day for You!

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