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Empowerment Of Women

Women Empowerment has for a long time been a global affair. My interest in the empowerment of women is based on a personal need to UPLIFT the many thousands of talented and gifted women in the working environment. Many of them ‘play themselves down’ because of the fear of being labelled as bossy and/or coming on too strong. Others don’t have the skills to confidently assert themselves and remain effective in the working world.  many of these women are working in Male Dominant Industries and too easily become victims of negative male behaviour.

We don’t have to be like our male counterparts. We can and should remain feminine and never confuse that with weakness. Women can be very powerful in the business environment and the fine-art of managing success in the tough and competitive business-world, is a challenge to be embraced.

My services include Keynote Addresses during International Business Conferences, focused on the Empowerment of Women.  Another vital part of my work is to be the motivational speaker during specific Ladies Mornings Nationally. Most of the time, these mornings are arranged by Organizations and they bring me in to inspire, motivate and entertain the ladies with topics, relevant to the group and their goals. I usually add a “light touch” to score serious points in the corporate environment, due to the stressful atmosphere women are mostly exposed to.

As a passionate Researcher, I share with the women the latest scientific findings on the brain, the heart and emotions and the body. Case Studies form a large part of my presentations.

I now also offer the NBI Brain Profile instrument for better understanding of the relationship between conflicting personalities and Creative Problem Solving in the workplace.

Women in a Male dominated world – A Global Affair!

My ultimate goal with this POWERFUL Course in my corporate profile, is to empower women in male dominated businesses.  Studies prove that intelligent FEELINGS are a major part of any phase in the development of human potential.

One of my targeted areas is Mining, this has predominantly been a man’s world – however – as from 2013, reliable sources reveal that at least 10% of all miners have to be women. The Course I have developed, stresses the fact that “all emotions can be healthy and good, because emotions are what UNITE mind and body.”

Therefore the way I approach this Course, is to place a major focus on intelligent feelings, and this includes the brain and the body. Emotions are living things (for example one’s behaviour) and affect every attitude and act related to excellence at work.  I want the women to understand their emotions and feelings about their position in the mine, and to interpret and manage what they feel in an intelligent and creative way.

I see myself as an ‘Emotion Coach’ when conducting this course, due to the many conflicting emotions women have to deal with while being introduced to core mining.

Other Favourite Titles of Courses and Seminars

These Topics are not only learning-filled, but very inspiring. My main goal is to always present a topic with Scientific Evidence and then add creative interaction between the participants.

The POWER of Passion

Awe-inspiring research has been done on how the brain functions when we are passionately involved with something. Scientific explanation, with examples, makes this presentation learning-filled and seriously life-changing. Women need to understand why they are often their own worst enemies!

Bringing HEART Power into the Working World

This presentation is very informative – scientifically and physically true and accurate. It is for those who want to learn about emotional power and feelings – and how the heart wants the brain’s co-operation in everyday living! This presentation is highly inspirational and thought provoking.

Let your LIFE be a Miracle!

The content of this presentation is built around the miraculous connections between your mind and body. People often look outside, (to the media, friends, doctors and other information) to learn about themselves and about personal development. This joyful presentation, once again, emphasizes the power of the heart, combined with healthy communication between the brain and body cells. 

Never act your AGE!

This presentation helps you to “set the stage” for a healthy, happy, and successful life – No matter how old you are!
Content involves “Turning on the Chemistry” in your own body to reduce your birth age with at least 12 years. It’s fun, it’s real, and it’s very rewarding!

Who put you in a BOX?

Millions of people live lives that are not true to who and what they honestly are. More millions of people also don’t see, dream, speak and live the way that they want to. These millions have become what others believe or say about them. This presentation radiates the truth about what it means to be “boxed in” by the media, friends and family. But don’t fret! There are ways to get out of the box! Don’t waste energy on banging, whacking, pounding, hammering and pushing. Simply discover creative ways to GET OUT of the ‘box’ and live a life that is true to your own dreams and goals. The presentation is delightful, inspirational and consists of a number of practical application skills.

THINKING Power. You carry it between your ears!

The Presentation enlightens the listeners’ understanding about thought power and helps them to grasp (also scientifically) what happens in the brain when they THINK. This is motivating them to become CREATIVE thinkers! The Presentation also illustrates the difference between wishful, positive and creative thinking.empowerment12

VISION Power and how to set better goals

Few people truly know how powerful vision-power is. This presentation reflects on a more effective way to set goals. Listeners also learn about visualization and current case-studies serve as brilliant motivation to apply vision power to their goals.

The power of imagery and how to first SEE and then believe are emphasized and brilliantly presented and demonstrated.empowerment13

My WORD..! Did I really say that!?

This FUN presentation makes us aware of how we talk and what we say – and the consequences of these words…! It is delightful yet serious but listeners leave with a message that is CLOSE to their hearts and life-changing! Practical suggestions on how to stop negative talking are happily practiced and participants leave with a new vision on the POWER of words.

My aim is to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE with real truths! Although every presentation is also very entertaining, I want the women to learn something that is accurate, true and applicable.


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