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Finding your Destiny


A Small-Group Interactive Workshop with

Annie Coetzee



This Workshop is so designed that the participants actively take part in the unfolding of a more fulfilling way to live LIFE with passion, focus and specific reasons to LOVE Life!

To discover something new about oneself is often a revelation.

To discover this by way of extra-ordinary creative activities is life-changing.


My Goals with this Workshop are for you to:

  • Discover who you really are;
  • To find your deepest values and to help you evaluating these against other values, with activities that challenge not only your left brain and right brain, but also your intuition, your heart’s desires and even those feelings you never ever thought you can express;
  • To surprise you with the REAL reasons why you should love life and wake up in the mornings with a song in your heart;
  • To create the atmosphere for you to be relaxed, free and open to explore your inner being and astonish yourself with what you discover about yourself;
  • To leave this workshop with a new VISION for yourself and your life and be able to look at your future with complete assurance that it is possible to make it happen;
  • To DISCOVER your Destiny and leave the venue with your specific Destiny on your own and latest Vision Map.


Too many people reach their middle years with no vision or ‘road-map’ into their future. They don’t know about their unique talents, their gifts and even their true interests. They carry on living – and even though they seem to be happy, there is a deep yearning to find the ‘real’ person inside.

People need a REASON to love LIFE.

People need creative energy to live forward with passion, and one of the main reasons for just existing, is due to the fact that people have no personal vision for a happy, successful and healthy life.

This Workshop offers practical and creative exercises and well-designed small-group interaction, where I will lead them into courageous conversations with themselves and others in the group.

All props are provided. Participants need to dress casually and comfortably, as a number of the activities can be done on the carpet. We work with colour, cards, pictures, music, props and tools to help you unleash your inner desires.

The venue must be big enough to display all the pictures and other props I use to help participants with every discovery exercise. We often sit on the carpet, some work at the tables and really, some people simply choose to sit by themselves. There must be space and the atmosphere will be right for you to learn and discover MUCH more about yourself, than you have ever believed you know.

All I require, is an open mind and heart!

Date, Time and Venue:

  • You chose the date…
  • The time is between four and five hours.
  • The venue should be big enough to accommodate a group of twelve people, maximum! I have the help of a Facilitator if the group is slightly bigger.

Participants should enjoy a healthy snack in the middle of the workshop, and coffee/tea and fruit juice may also be available!

Cost, Participation and Workshop Value:

  • All material and other props are included in the cost of R 1500 per person attending. Participants go home with a ‘full-blown’ poster about WHY they are alive and how knowing their DESTINY brings new life to their existence!
  • Payment must be done when you reserve your workshop. As soon as we receive your request to initiate this workshop, we will send you the account details.
  • The design of the Workshops requests interaction. Therefore the minimum number is 6 and maximum is 12. Think about a friend, a cousin, your mom, or anybody else who needs to be FREE from former opinions and ‘definitions’ of self, to live a life with purpose and vision. Men are also included and are welcome!
  • Training and Creative guidance during the complete workshop;
  • Please contact our office as soon as you have decided to uplift your friends with this insightful course. We will send you the necessary info to register.

Other important information:

Annie was trained in the USA at The State University in Buffalo to conduct this very creative workshop. Results of former participants still ‘speak’ loud and clear in their lives and therefore we urge you to contact Annie, to conduct the workshop for people who cannot attend her corporate sessions.

The workshop offers the ideal atmosphere for delightful and courageous conversations. The method of presentation has been approved and praised by a number of highly successful leaders in the field of Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and Investment in Excellence Training.

Learn more about Annie on her Website and feel free to also google her name to read about other events, as well as more results about her work that are not on her website

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