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My Wellness Philosophy

wellness4My interest and research in the wellness of people started more than 18 years ago when I got more and more involved in the training of human empowerment in the corporate arena. Absenteeism was, and still is a huge problem. Most of the time, absenteeism and being booked off as ‘ill’ is not really about being sick.

Wellness goes way beyond what happens in the body!

Wellness is a total experience of feeling good in body, mind and soul!

Our heads are full of ‘astonishing breakthroughs in health’ articles.

Others are packed with anti-aging advice and a host of other ‘mixed’ messages from glossy magazines and even radio talks.

We watch ‘The Doctors’ and ‘Dr Oz’ and tens of others, telling us so much about our bodies, that at the end of the day we wonder….

What if one does eat and do everything they say? What would life be like?

Have you also read hundreds of articles about the art and science of living in a healthy body? And did you get all the answers?

Do all the answers confirm each other?

Did you also feel confused most of the time?

This one says coffee is good, that one says it isn’t…..

This one says, protein is the food of kings, that one says we need more carbohydrates… I can go on…

The worst is: When you do all they tell you to do and take all the vitamins, minerals, juices, berries, nuts and whatever else – how stuffed do you feel – and who can really afford it!?

I’m still gobsmacked every time I read ‘we have to eat FIVE portions of fruit and vegetables every day!’ Do you realize how much is that!?

And although I have learned a lot about the body and the organs and well-being,

I still believe that too many people have used the information as ‘explanations’ why they: cannot lose weight, don’t like to exercise, have a slow metabolism, suffer from allergies, get regular headaches and many other things.

Let your own body talk to you. Develop greater awareness of what works and what doesn’t.

Knowledge about the body and its organs is good.

But don’t overdo this with too much information. You will become over-aware of pains, aches, itches and blotches, and your initial interest might change to obsession.

Here is one good example of knowing your body:

A constant bitter taste in your mouth could signal stress and pressure on the liver and gall bladder. When you notice this, go a reputable specialist, have your liver and gall bladder examined – and follow his advice.

Your body is an infinitely intelligent organism. All physiological and metabolic processes are coordinated by the body’s innate wisdom.

Yet we need to know how our bodies ‘talk’ to us.

By this I refer to, ‘How do you feel? Especially, how do you feel when you wake up? And how many hours of the day do you function on healthy, creative energy?

I have tried so many things because it was written by a ‘famous’ expert, or health and fitness guru, just to discover that the product or advice doesn’t work for me.

I tested the advice by how I feel.

And of course, if it was a skin product, did the product improve my skin?

I live so close to my body that I immediately know when I’m losing energy or a drive to perform, love, laugh and learn.

One of the biggest satisfactions in my life is the fact that I am friends with my body. I understand what works for me and what doesn’t, even if some marvelously new product works for my friend, a family member or anybody else!

So I’ll be enthralled if you learn to listen to what your body says.

About feeling good. About feeling healthy and energetic and when you learn to separate other peoples’ opinions and projections from what your body tells you.

It spells victory and health!

And loads less stress! Yippee…!

So, I’m keeping it simple now.

Enjoy a few ‘straight-from-my body’ comments to help you live your dream-life in an energetic and happy body.

It’s not the brain that matters most when you want the good life and live your fullest and happiest potential on this earth, in this body.

Your body is a magnificent WONDER FACTORY consisting of about one-hundred trillion cells – and they all are alive!

Your cells are constantly ‘talking’ to your organs!

Brainpower without willpower, emotional power and spiritual power is really not strong enough to help you make your dreams come true in a healthy, fit and strong body.

Perhaps you also know someone who has all the money in the world, goes on holiday four times a year, owns a home in Italy….and what, what, what – yet he cannot enjoy all these because he’s physical condition doesn’t allow him to play, move around easily and get the full advantage of all his wealth.

By the way, this person can also be a woman.

I discovered that too small a percentage of people take responsibility for their health. Could it be that too many are conditioned to take drugs to fix every ailment? Are they perhaps too lazy to make an effort? Is there some unknown, human force within us causing destruction? What do you think?

Or may it be possible that many have reached a stage where they just couldn’t care anymore, and don’t mind the cellular process of apoptosis?

Apoptosis refers to a state where the individual abandons the principles of good health – and doesn’t care to help himself faster along the path of physical destruction and decay.

I’m fascinated with PHYSICAL ENERGY and how different energies help or don’t help your body to be healthier, happier and more balanced to totally experience what you want from life.

I hear from my siblings that I was a restless child.

I also remember that I was quite happy when I was young and alone – and if trees could talk, many a tree on our bush veld farm would have told mystifying stories about my conversations with them!

I once had toothache. The nearest town was a hundred miles away from our farm, so my dad suggested that I go and climb another tree. I did it. I always trusted my dad. I found a ‘new’ tree on the farm and climbed as high as I could.

And then I pushed my cheek into the trunk, wishing the pain away.

Now this makes me think again. There were no stories about ‘new age’ and weird religions. But my body and the feelings that came with it, suggested that I give my toothache to the branch.

Today I believe what I did is called body wisdom.

Nothing wrong with that!

Working with people in the fast-paced, competitive world today, I’m totally aware of the fact that most of them live on high energy levels accompanied by high tension.

This is not ideal. Your body doesn’t want consistent high energy accompanied by high tension. In fact, your body resists being driven by constant demands!

Stress is a silent killer and it’s necessary for me to alert you about the fact that stress energy holds nothing good for your body.

I need to say this again: STRESS energy holds nothing good for your body!

Living and working with calm energy is much healthier and friendlier to your body, than high energy with high tension levels.

So what it this all about? Think with me here.

It’s good to have high levels of energy.

But how much tension is involved while living with high energy?

And how much of that tension is fueled by anxiety?

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about tense energy:

Tense energy is a stress-driven lifestyle characterized by an almost pleasant sense of excitement and power.

Your physical energy levels are high, even though you may face a high level of stress and strains from long hours and a hectic schedule.

While in this state, you may push yourself impatiently towards one objective after another, rarely taking a break. Your efforts are infused with severe levels of physical tension, which may be imperceptible to you.

Without realizing it, by allowing this tense energy state to persist, you blunt your ability to pay deep genuine attention to your own needs, other people or projects, and can suddenly wake up to find yourself at the edge of burnout. Some people wake up in a hospital.

Don’t worry now.

When a person worries about something, it has a six hour negative effect on the body. So just breathe. And read on.

You’re discovering something here with me, and active discovery is good energy to help you move forwards with the RIGHT kind of energy!

Let’s shift our attention to living with calm energy.

I have come to experience the value, the brilliance, the tenderness and health of calm energy.

Calm energy is generally a very pleasant energy, characterized by a remarkable serene feeling and being under control.

You feel alert, optimistic and engaged with a sure presence of mind.

Calm energy is pleasantly accompanied by low tension.

You also experience peaceful and pleasurable body feelings, as well as a deep sense of physical stamina and well-being.

Strangely, your mental and physical reserves are high and somehow you experience a wonderful combination of healthy vitality and increased creativity.

I often think of calm energy as being in a flow state of relaxed alertness.

Awareness of these two opposite types of energies and being willing to adapt your lifestyle is an excellent move forward to better health.

Guess what! Your brain will help you!

The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020 two-thirds of all diseases will stem from lifestyle choices.

Awareness alone is not enough. You need to make pro-active choices to enhance physical wellness.

God made you mysteriously wonderful. Let’s keep it wonderful.

Look at your body with a fresh pair of eyes.

Try and tune into your body when you don’t feel well – and also when you do. Your body speaks its own language, and it only speaks to you!

Become your body’s best friend.

My Dad raised us with The Book of Proverbs.

He always said that we need the words and the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs in our very bones if we want to make a success of our businesses and lives.

Wisdom is a FOUNTAIN of life.

The intelligent person will get creatively involved in the development and improvement of brain function, emotional and spiritual well-being, and a number of practical activities with their own bodies.

I choose to refer to this aspect of wellness as you having a relationship with your body.

If your body is not a good example of growing older, it may be a terrible warning. 

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