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The NBI Brain Instruments


Contact our Office if you would like to book Annie for a 30-minute free consultation about the NBI Brain Instruments.

Annie is a Practitioner of this revolutionary battery of instruments that strives to develop whole-brain thinking in individuals, groups and companies. The assessment tools of the Neethling Brain Instruments will help you develop strategies to sustain creativity and positive thinking in your personal and professional life. You will also be able to identify the essence of your problems and apply creative solutions immediately.

Get ahead of the pack by applying the NBI in your life or group. This decision and the delightful, creative presentation that will follow all assessments, will provide you with great insight into personal thinking preferences. This will put you ahead of the pack – and isn’t that what all of us need?

Annie offers tailor-made solutions, using a combination of the NBI as well as her unique style of presenting with power and passion. The current world of work depends not on physical or tangible resources, but on human resources.

Consider to apply the NBI Instruments for recruitment, staff retention, team building, innovation, marketing, creativity, leadership – and especially for conflict management.

Most Popular Course

nbitrainingCreative Problem Solving is one of the most effective courses in the line of Creativity. Companies often find themselves in the middle of a crisis before they invite a Creativity Consultant to come and help with the process of finding solutions. This Course can be presented in one day – but it is ideal to put one-and-a half-days aside for this delightful course. Participants work in eight small groups, and also according to their brain preferences. Everyone is involved and engaged. We end the course with a celebration – because the problem we started with, is solved – and that because every participant helped in his and her unique way.

Discover this Whole Brain Approach to Problem Solving and utilize your energy at work to complete your other tasks!

Don’t forget to Contact our Office if you would like to book Annie for a 30-minute free consultation about the NBI Brain Instruments.

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