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My philosophy and belief about LIFE and Business Success:

The concept of self-empowerment is older than I can remember. Since my childhood days I was exposed to knowledge that can enrich and empower. Self-help books were in almost every house of friends and family. People lived, worked and played – and many business persons were happy and healthy! The books of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Scott Peck were amongst the many other self-help books that my father and family members read.

Living and working in the 21st Century is a different story. We have to be fit and bright, not just physically and intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually. We have to function with an extra gear, that allows us to do the ‘so-called’ impossible – yet with fewer struggles and surely less wear and tear!

Millions of people are experiencing that they battle to break out of destructive patterns, and more millions live in ‘virtual’ boxes: A place they don’t really want to be and a ‘place’ where limitations rule.

There are many uncertainties around us. Nothing is really sure and definite. Facing this does not have to blind us to be aware of challenges and opportunities. When you make the time to think about it, you may agree with me that we are living in a day where there ARE creative solutions and that the times around us call for extraordinary, innovative intelligence to think, see, speak, act and live the abundant life!

It takes courage and boldness to offer guidance today and it definitely requires a NEW kind of inspirational training and speaking. Intellectual knowledge alone could NOT solve the problems, issues and challenges that are still facing every person and nation in the world.

Leaders, trainers and speakers are up against a world that is more unstable, more negative and more destructive than it was a few years ago.

Social systems no longer meet the needs of people – not even to mention the individual – whether he or she is part of a community or company with many promises.

Since 2002 I selected a group of medical experts in the field of brain, heart and body specialists to act as sounding boards when I am conducting case studies and life coaching.  My background and training expertise was in the field of psychology and I needed to understand more about the human body and how we need to live with and treat this amazing ‘vehicle’ that takes us through the journey of LIFE.

My main concern is the CREATIVE Development of your FULL potential!

I align myself with other Inspirational Leaders in the field of Human Development and face the uncertainty of today’s world, with hope, clarity of vision and an immovable belief in a future that is meaningful and content.

My message is simple and clear: You have received everything you need to succeed:

  • A brain far more superior than the world’s most powerful computer.
  • A heart with its unfathomable power to create a healing life force in your body and life.
  • And YES, a body with approximately 100 trillion cells, every one of them, acting on command of the brain and the heart.

You are living in one amazing, miraculous power station – and YOU are the manager of this power station!

I believe we are created to live a fulfilled and happy life.

I believe that we don’t have to become victims before we become conquerors.

I believe that once you commit yourself to play an active, heartfelt role in creating a better future for yourself, you are calling upon every aspect of your intelligence – and this can guide you into a wonderful state of creative wisdom and problem-solving.

I also want you to know about the MYTHS of self-empowerment.

Be wary of trainers who tell you that you can do and become everything, when they don’t tell you how it can be done. Run away from speakers and trainers who do not acknowledge Biblical truths and want to replace them with tons of other and so-called ‘new’ scientific findings.

Positive thinking, creative thinking is not for the lazy and complacent.

God gladly helps those who show interest and passion in getting constructively involved in their own development. UNDERSTAND self-empowerment and how it involves all your intelligences. I mean it: You have 11 Intelligences that all play a significant part in your life’s development.

We often wake up in the middle of the night and ask ourselves: ‘What is it all for?’ So we reason and think, ‘Most of our waking life is spent working, and this is right, because that’s how we earn a living.’ But then, a still and quiet voice from our heart speaks softly and gently, saying: ‘You are more than a body and a brain. You are more than your genes. You can intuitively create. You are a being with spirit.’

I trust that you will also find meaning in your life. You are not a mistake. You are strategically designed to fulfill a purpose, a plan and a destiny.

So make the new paradigm-shattering shift with me and embrace a new future. Life is not a rehearsal. Life is all you have right now.

Discover the truth about Self-Empowerment with me and let your HEART be part of this amazing journey, called LIFE!

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