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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Super Seniors

The “Super Seniors: a GIFT to the World” is also ready to be trained and conducted in the Corporate Environment. Many Managers and CEO’s of Companies want to invest in the ones over 60 and this Course is the ideal GIFT to them, to not look at Retirement as a punishment, but feel empowered to continue their lives with knowledge and insight and new ideas to unleash a new Future for themselves. Annie has a number of Certified Instructors who help her to visit these Companies and conduct the Training.

My MAIN concern is the Creative Development of your FULL Potential

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience is much more, than simply knowing that you have emotions. This highly informative course covers at least the following aspects about Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Literacy, Emotional FITNESS, Emotional Depth and Emotional Alchemy. The duration of the course is two days, and the ideal number for the course is 16 participants. It is one of my most interactive courses and involves many creative conversations about all issues around emotions, and how they influence our complete life. Indeed one of my most rewarding courses! The benefits include the following: Employees become healthier, they get along with one another much better and also learn to embrace what they’re doing with a new and wholehearted interest. A number of excellent assessments are done and participants leave the course with a self-knowledge that is admirable!

Most of Annie’s work is linked to Performance Coaching and this Course’s CONTENT is included in her Private Sessions with clients.


Change Navigation

I am making this Course now available to Companies who have discovered that all previous efforts to navigate CHANGE and become INFLUENCERS have failed, or didn’t get the results that were promised.

It is a two-day Course with a full script for the Facilitator, and all Content creatively divided into a two-day Plan. The Content includes videos and Power Points, and has definitely been one of my most brilliant Course to present. Contact my Office for the cost and more info.

The workshop program covers the following topics in the context of CHANGE success:

  • Personal Resilience;
  • Communication;
  • Diagnosing your situation;
  • Assessing your vulnerabilities;
  • Engaging and building your team.

The processes I use are well structured and include a large number of small-group conversations and ‘checking in’ situations. It is of critical necessity that employees understand CHANGE and how it affects the individual, as well as the organisation. Beliefs, Hopes, Values ad Purpose are looked at from a new perspective, and employees are helped with tools to cope and get through the changes, victoriously.




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