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Have you ever wished that you can have your life all over again?  Well, you can’t!  And although a few might say, ‘I am happy with all the choices I have made and don’t regret anything’ the truth may be that you wouldn’t mind if it was possible to re-live at least some of the years!

Only about 4% of people who learn and read about Wellness, really change their lives for the better. They have learned that Wellness includes a healthy mind and a healthy soul. They have also learned that they cannot become trapped by good physical habits only – and that how they think, and what they believe, play a pivotal role in complete wellness. Read More

YOU, your Body and your LIFE

This half-day Workshop enlightens the participant with practical suggestions to keep the complete body healthy, fit and strong. No theory. We start with the head, and go right through to the feet! Participants dress in comfortable clothes, and I need a large enough venue to conduct the workshop to 16 people. My philosophy as well as international training about Body Wisdom has taught me to work in small groups of four. Regular and short conversations between the participants in the small groups ensure that everybody gets a chance to speak and ask questions.


Finding your DESTINY

This workshop is alive with discoveries and possibilities! The venue will be equipped with all the props necessary to help participants, in the most creative and delightful ways to discover their Destiny. We work individually, as well as in small groups – but every activity is done individually. I’m using the latest creative ways – utilizing the right and left brain, intuition, values, desires, purpose and other instinctive questions and answers, to finally conclude the workshop with an individual Vision MAP. The participant takes this valuable poster with him/her and a way to evaluate the discovery will be shared with them! Passion makes perfect – and in my presentation I will help them to discover their unique passion to keep the Destiny alive and fulfilling.


STRESS Releasing Workshop

My studies have led me to get in touch with one of only seven Certified Trainers in South Africa in the field of Trauma Incident Reduction – and I utilize the services of Karin De Lange when a small group, or individual needs the specific Trauma Incident Reduction Facilitation.

When a Company needs a half-day workshop of ‘Delightful ways to help you soar through Stress’ I have designed some practical activities and ways to deal with stress, before it tackles YOU. I conduct this workshop to a group of 16 participants and all activities involve interaction and engagement. We learn from each other, and we apply every activity, in order for the participants to be able to take this back to the Company, and assist others!

It’s FUN yet it’s also learning-filled.

Factual information about stress and what it does to the body will be shared and participants receive a hand-out to keep with them – on the desk – when they sense when stress steals energy and passion.

Due to the wide variety on the subject of WELLNESS, I usually visit the Company Directors before I decide and/or design their specific workshop. Often, the employees only need a Power Hour of FUN and laughter – but there are cases where the Company requests a serious workshop – and that’s when I collaborate with the decision makers, and design the right course. 

YOU, Your HEART and your LIFE

Since 2003 I have studied human energy and worked with real-life case studies in South Africa as well as abroad. I met some of the world’s greatest pioneers on the subject of the mind-body- and HEART-connection and have learned lessons about LIFE that money cannot buy.

We may be products of our past, but we don’t have to be victims.

I have attended a number of open-heart and open-brain surgeries to deepen my studies on the heart and brain – and the impact thinking and feeling have on the human body.

This workshop on how we need more HEART in our life is astounding and has created many new beginnings for people, once they learn how to apply the wisdom and power of the heart.

The heart has much to do with emotions.

The heart has almost everything to do with relationships.

We feel – and this calls for emotions, which are in fact, ‘living streams of energy’ within us.

Emotions make or break us. Emotions enhance or destroy relationships.

Emotions lead us to optimal or devastating decisions.

Emotions drive our best, as well and our worst behaviors.

Matters of the HEART really matter and especially today.

Matters of the heart, also matter for your health!

I have asked myself many questions:

‘Why are so many Speakers reluctant to talk about the heart and its role in helping us to create a more fulfilling and productive life?’

‘ Why are so many people afraid to unleash the wisdom, creativity and loving nature of the heart in the working environment?’

I am NOT afraid to speak and teach about the heart.

The biggest advantage of attending this inter-active, learning-filled workshop is the time you will be given to ask questions!

The content is wide and everything is scientifically verified. I cannot tell it all in one workshop, but you will be given free opportunities to ASK questions. That is when we learn the most!

Regular creative, inter-active group discussions are part of the presentation. 

Objectives of this Workshop: 

  • To learn and discover more about the human heart and its role in your life today;
  • To empower you with more scientific knowledge about emotions and the heart;
  • To help you find practical ideas on how to deal with any negative, emotional happening in your life, and become smart in managing negative emotions related to the happening;
  • To empower you with practical knowledge that is life-changing and productive;
  • To help you discover who is ruling your life: Your brain or your heart?
  • To create in you the desire to become a heart-smart person with an identity and value that NOBODY can take away from you! 

This is a four-hour workshop and is conducted in the Company’s own venue.

A maximum of 20 participants is preferred.


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