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Age in Motion – No 5

20 May 2015

I am beginning to enjoy my blogging about Age in Motion more and more. I hope you enjoy it too. I even get ideas and sentences in my head when I’m busy with mundane tasks, such as grocery shopping, or cleaning my kitchen!

While I was writing the 1st edition of my book, ‘I THINK, I FEEL – I AM’ I spent a lot of time with Neuro Surgeons, as well as Heart Surgeons. I attended open-brain and open heart surgeries to learn more about the physical ‘look’ of these organs, while quietly listening to the surgeons, when they were telling and showing me something.

Since then, I know I will always be fascinated with the BRAIN and the HEART as two of our most important parts of our body. Trust me, functioning in the field of Total Wellness, I have and will continue to study our others organs as well, but what I do know for sure, is that our brain and heart – what we think and what we feel, play indescribable roles in the way we age! How we think about the process of aging and how we feel about it, can add or detract youthfulness and beauty in words I cannot describe at the moment!

Bit by bit I will share even more of the technical information I know about the brain and the heart, and why the Mind-Heart-and BODY Connection is becoming one of the ‘biggest concepts in the Health and Wellness World!’

What I have to tell today, is that every thought we think, is definitely a form of energy. It is electro-magnetic-energy, and is the same as MOVEMENT, and movement is always looking for manifestation in the REAL world! And I’m now talking about our body! So – what are you thinking about your body, your legs, your stomach, your face…  ALL your other parts! This simple (yet scientifically and medically accurate) fact is a life-changer. You might also want to take a moment and think about this and start talking nicely to yourself.

I want you to feel worthy of good thoughts about your aging journey.  I desire for you to THINK of yourself and your body, as a magnificent ‘vehicle’ taking you through all life’s journeys, with strength and power!

Think new good thoughts about your health, your relationships, your life style and many other facets! Let that body do some NEW talking!

Enjoy MOTION. Enjoy not getting stiff and tight. Make stretching and a fabulous posture part of your everyday YOU!

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