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Age in Motion No 6

29 May 2015

Apart from still adapting to the load shedding here in South Africa, and seriously creating new lifestyle habits, I have come across another little ‘jewel’ about Age in Motion and doing it wonderfully!

I re-discovered some information about Constantin Stanislavski in the early 1900’s. Fascinating. It holds value for us who want to AGE in MOTION and keep our bodies healthy and mobile! Stanislavski was an early 20th Century Russian Actor, Director and TEACHER of actors. Apart from belonging to the prestigious Moscow Arts Theatre during the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, He was a superb actor himself – but his legacy came from his creation of a system of acting, referred to as Method Acting. Stanislavski was years ahead of his time of understanding of the mind-and-body connection, yet he explored on the value of teaching actors to feel what they act. He taught his students to evoke believable emotions when they act, to such a degree that their bodies actually experience that they act! A ‘villain’ will for example really feel vile and villainous, and a ‘hero’ will completely feel every emotion of heart-warming power.

What can we learn from this? Clearly and simply that the body ‘takes’ the thoughts and feelings as REAL and it manifests these by the way it ACTS.

So, how about acting younger than your years? How about acting as if you are amazing? You can add to these lines and say to yourself, ‘What about…!?’

During my years of studying longevity and wellness I came across hundreds and hundreds of life-changing studies. My study on passion relates well to what I have mentioned about Stanislavski. There IS certainly magic in passion! So what is passion?

It is scientifically accurate that your brain’s natural opiates are set off by stimuli as diverse as pain, exercise, music, meditation, dancing and dinner – and a host of emotional and mental experiences. What’s in your head can at times be 20 to 50 times stronger than drugs, such as morphine. Believe me, it’s enough to take your breath away!

We have receptor sites for opium in the brain cell. Doesn’t it make you ‘stand still’ and breathe this astonishing truth in to your very being, as you are reading this!?

Yes, some serious brain chemistry happen between our ears. It is our responsibility to use this chemistry to our own advancement and also to the advancement of others in our life.

In a nutshell, passion is a combination of energy and enthusiasm, mixed with delight and wholehearted participation in whatever you are doing, or choose to do! There is a sense of purpose in what you’re doing and a super-strong vibe coming from your inner being, making you feel alive and alert. The drive that you get from experiencing passion, also provides you with courage and confidence.

Let’s do anything we feel like today with passion and see how it adds motion and FEEL-good substances to our bodies and soul!

2013-03-21 12.00.38

Louis and Ewald fly-fishing in the Western Cape. Men also need passion – and not just in the bedroom!

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