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Age in Motion No 8

8 June 2015

A while ago, just before I was walking into the room for an interview with a panel of judges who interviewed women on the value of their work in the Community and Country, one of the make-up artists turned to me and said, ‘Your face is a bit thin. Let me try and widen your jaw’.

For a moment it threw me! If I was twenty or even thirty, I might have run to the mirror and helped her to CHANGE my face! But luckily, with age comes confidence and calmness. With age, we also become more effective and at peace with ourselves, in a quieter way.

I mentioned in previous blogs that I’m going to refer to experts on Ageing Well and this morning, once again, I was enthralled with Doctor Oz.  AMERICA… do you KNOW who you have there!? I am learning so much from him and his team and bit by bit I will share – just enough at a time, so that you and I can embrace it and make it a part of our life!

Since April this year, I have added Yoga exercises to my fitness program. I got the textbook with explanations, the pictures, and watched a number of You Tubes to help me. Slowly but surely I am beginning to feel more supple. It is helping me with my breathing too, which is a KEY to good health as well. My daily programs with training and presentations don’t allow me to attend regular classes at a specific place – but believe me, the dvd’s are excellent and the instructor/s explain very well as they do the exercises with you. Just get the mat, beginners’ dvd’s, put on some comfortable clothing, and begin your stretches! Part of the excitement is that you will be able to measure your suppleness. You will walk more confidently and certainly more steadily.

Any exercise program has to do with your BODY and your MIND. So for today, I would like to add some wisdom about the ageing body, from Doctor Eric Braverman. He refers to us as being ‘as YOUNG as our OLDEST part’. Now we can never deny the reality that as we age, our bodies somehow deteriorate. We used to think that this weakening was due to illness, but now Science believes that it is just a factor of age. Yet the outcome is the same: Any illness that is caused by aged, weakened organs and systems in the body, subtracts from overall health and eventually leads to death. Think of the ‘times’ when you don’t feel good because something, somewhere in your body aches, as ‘times’ when the failing organ, becomes older than the rest of your body. However, because we are so wonderfully and magnificently created, this organ’s associated hormone levels drop, and send a signal to the rest of the body, whose purpose is, (YES!) to broadcast to the whole body that the system is failing. I still think we are marvellously created. There is a message here!

All this sounds very negative. But in the journey of growing older in MOTION it serves no purpose if I never enlighten you with some truths that can assist you in staying young for longer!

Although this signal that is being sent to the whole body is not a good one, it is a way of telling you that something must be done! Your body’s signal of a weak, damaged or sick organ, may in essence be a signal to the mind whereby the whole body can begin to shut down.

I injured my left knee in 2005 during a 42 kilometre race, which I couldn’t complete. At the 28km mark, my knee was swollen and highly inflamed. I was taken to the end of the race by ambulance. For me, it was a sign and a warning: my knee has been damaged – but my mind started to help me and said, ‘Have a rest. Use the right medication. Do the necessary Bio- Kinetics Exercises and STAY positive’. And so I did.

My knee never needed an operation. However – I stopped doing the long races and go slower down steep hills, simply because that’s the way I keep my knee in good condition to last longer!

Think of a consistent way whereby you can keep your body in a supple and flexible condition and try to discover what YOUR body loves doing – this may be walking, dancing or aerobics, or playing a sport, like golf. Make it your duty to discover something about YOUR body and what may be the ideal for you – TODAY.


2012-10-26 12.35.39

Golf with my girlfriends, Hazel and Sandy at Kimiad. I have discovered that my body and mind love playing golf.


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