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Age in Motion No 9

14 June 2015

Globally, Pro-Ageing has progressed dramatically in the past 20 years.

The reality of birth-age (your ID age) as opposed to real-age (your lifestyle age) has become a scientific, sophisticated, solid and philosophical truth, with challenging practical foundations. It has become one of the most profound choices we can make: To age more youthfully – and therefore remain useful and creative in our society. This is possible because of the brain’s ability to create and release the right chemicals in your body when you know how to think and feel about growing older. Thinking and feeling and flowing optimistically with the years as they move forward, create positive physical changes in the body on cellular level!

I have learned that my body is my greatest friend when things go tough. It talks to me and I know that what it tells me is a pure reflection of what is happening to me and how I manage my life.  Mindful stretching – either by way of practicing YOGA or Pilates is a wondrous way of engaging in bodywork. When I am in this personal space of quiet mindful stretching, I know why I am exhausted, emotionally empty, unhappy, or simply living without any creative energy. And then I can fix it!  So, exercising is not just about getting our body in shape, it also makes us more aware of what is going on between our heads and our bodies. Mindful stretching and the deep breathing that accompanies every exercise, have enabled me to transform myself, my body and my soul.

Doing YOGA and Pilates is not as easy as it appears to be, but its benefits go far beyond strengthening the center of your body and giving you a longer, leaner look. These exercises become an ongoing education in body awareness and you becoming a much smarter person with yourself!

The body’s connection to the mind is astonishing. Whenever we are in serious stressful times, our brain triggers particular body movements to help us cope. It instructs certain organs to produce the chemicals necessary to survive. These chemicals are pumped into the muscles of the body to provide the necessary protection.  Because the muscles contract every time we are exposed to stressful events, it is extremely important to ask ourselves:

“What happens to the stress that has gone into our muscles?

Where do the chemicals go to?

How long do they stay there?

And HOW does it impact on the way we age?”

These questions led me to empowering answers!  I’m totally honest when I suggest that mindful stretching is the very best way of releasing those chemicals out of your muscles, and out of your body. It’s a natural way for the body to get rid of at least some of the chemicals that stress has left in your body.

When we stretch mindfully, knowing about the body’s wisdom to release tension from our muscles, we are helping ourselves to cope and eventually flourish through otherwise unbearable times.

I believe that fighting ageing is making you older, faster than flowing with the years and embracing a brighter future. Let’s become more aware of our inborn abilities to use our brain more effectively, also in the ageing journey!

Don’t even start to think it is too hard and so impossible. Create your own space in your home, once you have learned the basics of these exercises and swing your world around!  Believe for a change!  Believe that there are ways to younger looking skin and a more toned body, once the connection between mind and body senses peace and tranquility. Mindful stretching demands from you to live in the moment, and when you do, you may be amazed at what you may discover about yourself and your body.

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